Thanks for your support of e-shotgun product, and sorry for taking so long to reply you.

Since the demo video of DemolitionRanch being released, we have received a bunch of messages of purchase intention, and we never thought that this product would be such popular.

Therefore, we decide to carry out a small batch production in advance, and the products, exactly same as the one Matt showed in the demo video, are named as ‘Founding Edition’.

With regard to the price issue that everyone concerns about, the ‘Founding Edition’ is USD$1299, In the future, the MSRP for the official product is expected to be USD$1980.

At the proper time, we will generate a selling-links and notify you.

In terms of legality, since it is a brand-new invention, by which neither powder nor pneumatics are used, the product cannot even be defined as firearm; because its maximum muzzle energy is 16 Joules, and even by airgun standards, neither FAC nor PAL is required in most countries.

Kind regards,
e-Shotgun team