1. On the issue of legality?

Since it is a brand-new invention, by which neither powder nor pneumatics are used, the product cannot even be defined as firearm; because its maximum muzzle energy is 16 Joules, and even by airgun standards, neither FAC nor PAL is required in most countries. But for specific matters, please consult the local legal department.


2. What is the working principle of an electromagnetic short-range riot control system?

Using the magnetic field generated by current, transfer magnetic objects, makes the projectile shoot out quickly. Therefore, it transmits kinetic energy at close range, it can block attacks on the human body, but it’s not fatal.


3. Why develop an electromagnetic short-range riot control system?

It is mainly rooted in the love and creativity of science and technology.

To create more simple, effective, and human technology products.

A product that serves peace, security, and happiness of mankind.

Clean and efficient new energy, is the future development direction of mankind, using electromagnetic technology and new energy, combining big data and Internet technology, created with an electromagnetic short-range riot control system.

The English name is e-shotgun.

During the research and development test, the following characteristics were summarized:

1. Non-lethal attacks, more efficient near defense and data Internet.

2. No light, no sound, no smoke, no shell, and slight recoil during use.

3. The cost of consumables is low, and the equipment does not need maintenance.

4. Exceeds the shooting speed that guns can not reach.


4. Who is the target user of e-shotgun?

The need or willingness to use the device, to deal with danger and self-protection. However, there is a premise for use. We don’t want to cause fatal harm to people.

For example, the following groups:

1. Players: lovers who like to play with guns.

2. Family: Defense of one’s own home.

3. Police: prevent violence and deter riots.

4. Security personnel: defense security.


5. How does the e-shotgun distinguishes its existing anti-riot products?

Such as plastic bullets, strong water columns, tear gas, etc.

Different riot equipment is applied to different people and situations.

E-shotgun is a non-lethal defense weapon.

Within a distance of 5 ~ 15m, better defense efficiency and effect.

Most importantly, E-shotgun can be customized.

I can record the whole process digitally, including who uses it, when, and where. Avoid abuse and misuse of defense equipment.


6. How can e-shotgun persuade consumers or users to switch the high-price alternatives?

Price is relative to value and effect. Guns are relatively cheap but with uncontrollable lethality.

Unless the user’s life is threatened or there is a war. Otherwise, no one wants to kill. E-shotgun can effectively prevent injury and defend your security. It also has the experience effect of independent entertainment.

It could be recognized by any user.


7. E-shotgun is not as aggressive as a gun, but its price is higher than a gun. How to distinguish and locate?

If the user’s starting point is a deadly gun, it is not a similar consumer of e-shotgun. E-shotgun is a non-lethal defense system that is focused on protection, not murder. Social violence should be curbed, but not at the cost of living.


8. E-shotgun is inconvenient to carry. How can it become defense equipment?

The total weight of an e-shotgun is about 4kg. Although it’s not portable,

E-shotgun has good purposeful deployment. In specific situations and places, It can play a great security effect.

First, purposeful riot prevention. For example, curbing mass riots. Second, fixed point deterrence. For example, prisons, police stations, and shops prevent riots.


9. What are the main use situations of e-shotgun?

Close range and large area deterrence.

Its main uses are  in the following scenarios:

Close arrest: arresting suspects in the house can reduce life threats.

Prison guards: prisoners commotion, close deterrence.

Riot prevention and Deterrence: the masses are out of control, and riot prevention is carried out on site.

Financial Escort: guard money and security.

Family defense: refuse to attack the outside and protect family safety.


10. What are the unique advantages of e-shotgun? Including cost, cost performance, quality, etc

1. Non-lethal: it is a considerable feature to deter defense without killing people.

2. Close-range riot control: high shooting speed, high interception force, and effectively stops the violence.

3. Internet: it is combined with big data and it can be tracked during the whole process.

E-shotgun’s bullet body is an iron round coin, the use cost is very low, with high-quality material selection. Makes the maintenance cost negligible.

The real cost is in the assessment of life. In the original intention and purpose of using firearms, the value of life should not be measured by the price.


11. Is the data networking of e-shotgun a necessary function or an optional system?

It depends on the country, region, situation, and decree used.

In other words, the internet is the default function of e-shotgun, but it can also be an optional system. It is mainly selected or customized according to the user, purpose, and demand of the purchase.